Orissa Modern Art Gallery (OMAG) is the only gallery in Odisha offering a large permanent display of selected contemporary works of art. It is established for the promotion of Odishan contemporary art, artist and artisans. The Orissa Modern Art Gallery was founded by Mrs. Karen Kent from U.S.A and Tarakant Parida, an Odishan Artist (print maker) and Inaugurated on 2nd September, 2001 as a platform for art & artist to promote contemporary Art, Artists and Artisans of Odisha.

This Gallery has also got Registration on Trust Act having the Regd.No.-1041. However, it is the first and only contemporary Visual Art Gallery existing in the State, offering a large collection of contemporary art and crafts from Odisha for betterment of their artistic status. Besides these the Orissa Modern Art Gallery provides the permanent exhibition of contemporary works of several artists from Odisha, India and Abroad which encourages the consciousness not only among the artists, artisans but also among the art lovers, visitors and buyers. We have experienced to operation that the response to the Gallery is extremely positive and its contribution towards the art, artists, artisans and tourists is highly prominent with a growing advantage. The concept of the Gallery is to provide a permanent exhibition of contemporary art works in a growing collection of which remains open for seven days in a week. In addition to the high quality-exhibition it provides the appropriate space, proper attractive lightening for special exhibitions by individual artist, groups and organizations etc.

What makes the Gallery different from other activities that the provision of marketing and an active support for promotion of art, artists and artisans within Odisha, India and abroad. This is the only platform of the Odishan artists to survive through their works. Since its inauguration, more & more visitors have been attracted towards gallery and the exhibitors have sold. The artists represented the range from the most senior artists to present generation of established emerging artists and finally the best among Odiyas are yet to be recognized from younger artists and students. We think that there is much evidence that the gallery has made considerable progress towards achieving the ultimate goal during its short span of life. The objectives of the gallery have also designed in such a way which can enable the artists to continue their devotion in the field of the contemporary art and for further enrichment of the Odishan culture as given below:

We have a permanent exhibition local and outside artists in the gallery many of whom have been benefited from the sale of their works. Their exhibition enables them to continue their devotion on the contemporary art field and our Odishan culture all through their lives. We have mounted a series of special exhibitions which stimulate varieties of art works towards visitors at the gallery. We have attracted many Indian and foreign visitors towards the gallery who have recognized the noble aims and objectives of the gallery and the evidence reflects by many tributes expressed in the visitor’s book and many valuable comments have given verbally. We have gained the interest and the support of both electronic and printing media covering, thereby reaching out to the wider public response significantly through these achievements. Your visit to our gallery will encourage us and your valuable advice will prompt and tempt us to do more for the cause of Odishan Art and Culture.

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