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 Strong feeling here ! A new window open of India for me Now.Great thanks 
Aline Chartier, France
 I enjoyed my visit very much it is so refreshing to see display in gallery 
Amanda Geroy
 Chae Ho Gook & Kim Beom, South Korea 
Chae Ho Gook & Kim Beom, South Korea
 Thank you for your time and good art & everybody 
David Nedham, Australia
 Exciting to see such good work here 
Emma Aldrdge, UK
 I very much enjoyed looking at the  painting 
Gene king, USA
 Thank you for your time and good art & everybody 
Harry Vandrnom, USA
 An exating inhight into contamporary orissa art thank you 
Harry Vandrnom, USA
 I want see many art next time, thank you 
Haruko Niwa, Tokyo, Japan
 That’s interested for me and nice place to see 
Hata Yumito, France